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is a full service professional web design and marketing company in the Ventura, Oxnard, and Camarillo, areas. We serve clients in Ventura County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Santa Barbara County, California and all over the world!  We help businesses grow and market themselves, with customized websites, marketing and sales materials, SEO and social media, as well as podcasting and video production. Our clients are businesses, corporations and non-profits.

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Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Website Development - (Recent Work)

  • ABC Rehearsal Studios<br><h6>Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Los Angeles, CA</h6>
    ABC Rehearsal Studios
    Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Los Angeles, CA

    ABC is the premier rehearsal studios in LA. We completely rebuilt their "late 90's" website with new content, design, pages, and images. Added SEO with new search terms. Google ranking went from 10 keywords to 82. 20 in the #1 position!

  • Ray Entertainment<br><h6>Website Development, WordPress, Logo Design - Los Angeles, CA</h6>
    Ray Entertainment
    Website Development, WordPress, Logo Design - Los Angeles, CA

    Ray Entertainment has been entertaining LA for 30 years. We completely rebuilt their website, replacing FLASH animation, broken pages, with a clean, concise, responsive web design, along with a new entertainers showcase section. Business is booming!

  • Eclectics Cabinetry<br><h6>Website Redesign, Graphic Design, Navigation - Culver City, CA</h6>
    Eclectics Cabinetry
    Website Redesign, Graphic Design, Navigation - Culver City, CA

    When celebrities need custom woodworking and design, they turn to Eclectics Cabinetry. We transformed their static, one page info site, into a full blown website with images, clean navigation, inspirational content, optimized graphics, quality layouts and new platform.

  • DK Tile Company<br><h6>Web Site Builder, Logo Design</h6>
    DK Tile Company
    Web Site Builder, Logo Design

    DK Tile has been in business for 30 years...without a website. They hired us as their website builder to take their images, content and experience and to share it with the world. They have provided excellence in stonework, tile, pavers and hardscaping for many years, so we took their experience and put it into a digital brochures online.

  • Legacy Pool & Landscape<br><h6>Website Design, Logo & Graphic Design</h6>
    Legacy Pool & Landscape
    Website Design, Logo & Graphic Design

    We helped create a new corporate identity to go with the new name of the company, including a logo, business cards, graphic designs and a new website.

  • DM Stevenson Construction<br><h6>Web Design, Video Production, Ad Copy</h6>
    DM Stevenson Construction
    Web Design, Video Production, Ad Copy

    We build a brand new website for DM Stevenson Construction. In the first week of the launch of the website, a very large custom remodel job was secured as a result of a client reviewing the new website. We also produced a corporate video showcasing the company's work.

  • T. Randolph & Friends<br><h6>Website, Podcast, Video Production</h6>
    T. Randolph & Friends
    Website, Podcast, Video Production

    Client came to us with an idea to produce a podcast and content to help others through life challenges. We designed a custom logo, built a website, recorded, edited and produced, a podcast. We have also provide video production work.

Amazing & Beautiful Web Design

Lawrence Media Interactive web design services provide full customized website designs for companies, attorneys, contractors, small businesses, non-profits, sales reps, hotels, and many other types of service companies.  One of the biggest challenges for small businesses, corporations and non-profits, is keeping their marketing materials, clean, professional, modern, relevant, professional and fresh.  Our web creation and redesign services feature easy and inspirational layouts, WordPress designs, custom landing pages, speed tested templates, great navigation usability and quality search optimization.

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Video Production, Documentaries, Corporate Videos - (Recent Work)

  • DM Stevenson Construction<br><h6>Corporate Video, Video Production</h6>
    DM Stevenson Construction
    Corporate Video, Video Production

    A picture is worth a thousand words! We wanted to tell a story from the owner's perspective to convey the personal touch and care that they take with every new client. We shot and produced this video to help show new client's the uniqueness of DM Stevenson's approach to home design and remodeling.

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  • OnXpedition.org<br><h6>Documentary, Video Interview, Public Relations</h6>
    Documentary, Video Interview, Public Relations

    OnXpedition with the Graf Gang is a non-profit organization that trains leaders in developing countries, such as Uganda. They needed a video to tell the story of their travels to donors and partners. We shot the interview, provided music bed, graphic overlays, lower 1/3rds and titling, as well as assembled images and "B roll" footage from their travels.

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  • Barna Group<br><h6>Corporate Video, Product Promotion, Marketing</h6>
    Barna Group
    Corporate Video, Product Promotion, Marketing

    Barna Group is a research firm, providing data on religious trends in America. They needed a quick promotional video for a new program launch being introduced at an upcoming conference. We shot, edited, and produced this promo, including lower 1/3rds, music bed, titling, graphics and color correction.

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  • T. Randolph and Friends
    T. Randolph and Friends

    T. Randolph and Friends is a lifestyle podcast which wanted to do a live event and capture some video highlights of the event. We shot, editing and produced these video highlights, providing titling, color correction, lower 1/3rds, still image integration and audio syncing.

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Lawrence Media Interactive helps businesses completely re-think their web design, navigation tabs, SEO, look and feel, to make it more functional for customers to locate and organically search for them, to access their products and services.  We love the unique web site design ideas and fresh inspiration many of our clients bring to us.  Our agency focuses on growing market value, brand awareness, return on investment (ROI), credibility metrics and customer retention for these clients.  Here are a few examples from our clients.


Growing Your Brand

Our desire is not to be simply a generic web builder and web page design vendor to our clients, but to be a quality partner in website making, platform producing, and brand marketing.  We strive to provide an insightful and expanding cadre of innovation and ideas to exponentially grow

web design Lawrence Media Interactive - Before and After

your brand via offline and online expert professional services.  It’s not simply through great search engine marketing or optimization (SEO), launching new web site pages, blogs, or getting top reviews and using the latest ranking tools, but it’s through understand your goals, products and services and then developing the best strategy for your organization or firm.  This is why we also offer video production, video editing, copy writing and content creation, brainstorming and creative design, email marketing and logo design in addition to our custom website design, WordPress

development and web page integration.  Lawrence Media Interactive can assist you with just about any marketing, promotion and or social media idea you may have.

We want to help you expand your reach, your sales, your influence, your brand awareness amongst potential and existing clients.


Lawrence Media’s web design and marketing clients are all over the world. Including web design services for companies in Los Angeles, San Fransciso, Ventura, Camarillo, Oxnard, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Santa Barbara, Simi Valley, Santa Monica, Phoenix, Seattle, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Denver, Austin, New York, Orlando, Chicago, Detroit, and cities all over the world.

Web Design Team

Many service providers claim to provide web design services, but leave the development and implementation to you…this is a credibility problem.  Our web design team goes above and beyond to help you succeed in growing your business reach, influence and awareness.  Our proposals and quotes incorporate an extensive “before” and “after” review of your site property, utilizing a battery of ranking report tools, site scans and launch checklists.  Our editors develop in-depth analysis of your brand, your virtual “visibility”, as well as keywords and key phrases.


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Let us help you take your business and brand to the next level.

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