Harvey Realty, Inc.

MISSION:  Client was moving from a single office operation, incorporating the business and expanding to a new office, with additional agents and a new name. He needed a new look, a new logo, a new brand identity.

STRATEGY:  Customize, refine and improve his generic logo, build a new website showcasing the new brand, the new location and the new agents. Project a sense of quality, appeal to high end property buyers and sellers, and provide sales information on the site. Make it easy to navigate, user friendly and allow it work on computers, tablets and smart phones.

RESULTS: Excitement among the new agents about the new website, the information and the look and feel. This gave the newly formed agency a fresh look and feel.

[prettyPhoto type=”image” title=”HARVEY REALTY, INC. – Website Design by Lawrence Media Interactive” link=”https://lawrencemediainteractive.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Harvey-Realty-Website-1100×900.jpg”]