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Ventura, CA – DM Stevenson Construction has been in business for over 20 years, handling custom remodels, home design, construction and general contractor services.  Yet they have never had a website.  Their specific industry challenge is, that everyone claims to be a contractor.  Everyone has a cousin, uncle or “friend” in the business.  But not all general contractors are the same.  Many people have horror stories about what happened to their property as a result of a “contractor.”

Our task was to figure out a way to differentiate D.M. Stevenson Construction from every other general contractor in Ventura, Ventura County and Santa Barbara Counties.  How is D.M. Stevenson Construction different? Why are they better? We needed to tell the story in a personal and compelling way.   Not hard selling, but personal testimonies and experience.   It had to be simple, easy to understand and right to the point.


Construction Website

Build it and they will come.

New Website - DM Stevenson Construction | Lawrence Media Interactive We started by building a simple general contractor website, very clean, easy to navigate and visually appealing.  They had hundreds of photos from former jobs, which we were able to select, clean-up and place on the website.  This helped tell the story visually.  Through a series of discussions with the client, we were able to  contextualize the company’s story of superior quality craftsmanship and reliable services.  We came up with a tagline and key bullet points for their sales materials.  All this was incorporated in the construction website.  We chose a simple design, so that customers could quickly and easily get information about the company’s products and services.  We encouraged the owners to go back to past clients and ask for a testimonial from these clients.  Many past home remodel clients were happy to give a review of  DM Stevenson Construction and services.  In fact, a few new jobs came from this “reconnection” to past clients!


Video Production and Interview

A video is worth a thousand words.

Our second phase was to shoot an interview video with the founder, and talk about what makes them unique.  Our desire was to capture the essence of the company and how they approached custom carpentry, design and building, different than others.  We interviewed Dennis Stevenson in his shop talking Video Production, Documentary, Corporate Video - Lawrence Media Interactive, DM Stevenson Constructionabout being a family man, with a home and understanding how construction in the home can be very disruptive.  He explains how and why their approach is different in how they treat a client’s home.  It’s not a job site, it is someone’s personal home and his crews, subcontractors and service contractors are all “guests” in this home.

Upon completion of this project, we launched the construction website with the corporate video.  In the first week of the custom website, a potential client heard about the website, visited the construction web site and then subsequently hired DM Stevenson Construction to do a complete remodel of their home. It was a substantial job for the company, completely unexpected and directly related to the launch of the new website.


D.M. Stevenson Construction – Today.

Today, DM Stevenson Construction is a vibrant, growing company, which has weathered a difficult downturn in the economy, especially in the Home Builder segment of the United States economy. They have learned the importance of telling their story with modern technology and in new innovative ways, without loosing the person touch they have with each client relationship. Great business is built on great relationships.

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