Business Services

We not only want to help a small business, non-profit, or organization with advertising and marketing success, we want to help the entire organization grow and thrive, expand and excel.

This is why we provide four key services of expertise (see below), as well as a written business analysis (free of charge) with key action steps to get you on the right track.  We love small business and non-profit entities!! We help you grow and expand what you do best.

Business Coaching

We have started business, managed companies and non-profits, and assisted small business owners and corporation through rough waters, growth opportunities, and expansion plans.  We provide a “fresh perspective” in helping you and your management team move beyond limitations, refocus your strengths and minimize the marketplace “noise.”

Marketing Services

With over 18 years of marketing, advertising, direct mail and media placement experience, we will help you define your key target audience and develop a plan that gets results.  We do not take a “one size fits all approach” to marketing, nor to we believe in the “shot gun” method.  Too many organization either spend nothing on their image or brand, or waste money on useless marketing gimmicks. We provide a unbiased opinion because we don’t sell marketing space.

Financial Management

Knowing what is coming in and what is going out is VITAL to the health and longevity of your organization.  However most small businesses have only a vague idea of what is coming in and what is going out, how it applies to future jobs, overhead, labor, and profit and loss.  Our team will help you streamline, simplify and improve your systems.  We can help you move from a file folder to Quickbooks, or from Quickbooks to an Enterprise accounting system.  We will help create the reports that are necessary for the analysis of your organization.

Technology & Computer Systems

Today’s technology is supposed to make things simpler ..right?  Can you ever have too much of a good thing?  The answer is, YES!  Sometimes technology, networks and systems can get in the way of running a business.  We assess what you needs are and help you set up or improve a system that is best for your business.  Bigger is not better.  The cost of technology is very low and a simply, wise investment today, can reap many rewards in the years to come.  We take an incremental approach to improving your systems, protecting your workers and securing your data.

Call us for a free consultation and review of your enterprise, company or organization.   805.744.7177